The Xenith X2 Youth Custom Football Helmet


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In the sport of American Football, protection is a vital part in order to succeed. In this intense sport, it is of the utmost priority that the protective gear you are wearing is durable and effective. None holds truer than the football helmet. A football helmet is designed to protect any part of a player’s head from head injuries due to impact, be it with the ground or another player. This protective gear is also part of a football player’s uniform.


While we are discussing football helmets, one of the best football helmets available in the market today is the Xenith X2 Youth Custom Football Helmet. Receiving a 9.625 score in this website,, the X2 Youth Custom is the cream of the crop. This was designed for maximum protection from linear and rotational forces and has enhanced ventilation and micro-bacterial functions. The ventilation design for this football helmet is truly unique, which allows you to stay dry while playing. Not only is it super safe, but it is also very light which makes it a very comfortable helmet to wear. The shock absorber technology that Xenith used for this helmet is called X2Y which adapts and absorbs the amount of shock you get from a collision or impact. The shin strap also fits perfectly so that you will always feel comfortable wearing it while not compromising the hold it has on your head. It is truly one of the best football helmets out there today.

Intensify your football experience, though, aside from having these custom football helmet, with an coupon code. Football, needless to say, is quite challenging a sport, so it goes without saying that you need the right stuff, the supplements that these coupon codes have for every football enthusiast out there.

But if this football helmet won’t fit (remember that this is a youth helmet!), there are still other options you can choose from when it comes to football helmets. A website,, has listed most of the best performing football helmets available in the market today. Take a look at their reviews and you will have a clear idea of what football helmet you will be going for.

Using Your iHerb Promo Code

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Have you ever heard of the name iHerb? If you are a health nut, you probably have. iHerb is an online store that sells nutritional supplements, beauty products and other health related products. It is undeniably the best online store if we are talking about supplements, cosmetics and other home related products. This is evidenced by the 20 years of operation of the website and the award it received as the best online store in 2013. This is probably the reason why people go nuts searching for any iHerb promo code available.


With its vast reach, iHerb can already ship to more than 180 countries worldwide. With a wide variety of products available at the iHerb store namely, supplements, herb extract, bath products, cosmetics, grocery items, protein bars and shakes, household cleaners, kitchenware and even gardening tools, iHerb truly is a one stop shop. One thing you can say about iHerb too is that they are dedicated to giving the consumer the best overall value for the products that they sell. Many also say that iHerb’s customer service is top notch and their shipping is pretty fast considering that they also ship internationally.

What a way to surprise your running pals by giving them iHerb products! These are perfect gifts for female runners even in that not only it gives them energy, it also enhances their skin in the process. Now that is hitting birds with one stone, so to speak. What a healthy gift iHerb products are!

As an e-commerce website, it is not often that you see websites like iHerb last for as long as they do. That is a testament to the quality of the products they sell and the fine quality of service that they provide. So, if I were you, if you are looking for any good buy or deal, start looking for a good iherb promo code and browse their catalog now. You might just be in time for their latest deals on goods that are very useful to you.

Welcome to the Brigg Bomber – 12th July 2009

Please see the about page for new route details as we upload them. Also keep an eye on the Lincsquad forum for the very latest information.

The Brigg Bomber is a quadrathlon, which from its inception has been designed as an international event. It was conceived with the World Middle distance championships in mind, and also as an addition to North Lincs’ Adventure Challenge for those who like a swim. Along with our sister race The North Lincs Adventure Challenge it is one of the BQA’s national trophy rounds.

This race is not for the faint hearted if you wish to enter as a solo competitor. Some previous experience is necessary. You can as an alternative enter as a pair or as a four man relay team, but be warned the standards are pretty high!

Already recognised by the British Quadrathlon Association as a British Open Championship event. Sunday 27th May 2007 saw the President of the World Quadrathlon Federation – Allan Billard award The Brigg Bomber with World Cup status.

Entry Form

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2009 Entry Form

2009 Entry Form2009 Entry Form
Download PDF Sheet


Poster2009 Poster / Details
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Entry forms should be completed and sent to:-

Paul Carvill
6 Poppyfield Way
North Lincolnshire
DN20 8FG

£26 Solo Entry (£24 BQA) / £40 Team Entry

Cheques should be made payable to: Lincsquad

At this moment in time we do not offer on line entry, however we are looking into it and will add this feature as soon as we can for 2008.

Team Entry

Why not enter a team with each member completing one of the 3 disciplines.