Checking In On the Reviews on Gun Safes Online

If you’re a responsible gun owner, the first thing that you need to consider is how to safe keep your gun. Unless you have peers who are professional gun owners themselves, like following their advices on how to handle your gun, getting a safe still is one of the things that you should do as soon as you own a gun.

Now, there are reviews online about gun safes, and that most of them offer almost the same features when it comes to safekeeping a gun. But with Edge Hunting, they have the best gun safes reviewed online that most professionals dig in.

One of the unique features about our gun safe reviews is our attention to detail. For instance, we take pains in explaining some of the important aspects of safes like storage space or its fireproofing features. In this way, we are giving our clients an all-access look at our unique safes, and ensure safety for our clients.

The pros and cons of these safes are also featured, so that our clients know what type of equipment they are buying. If other gun safe websites are hesitant to share information about certain parts of their safe, Edge Hunting shares some pertinent info as a form of head start for our customers.

The best gun safes reviewed online only come with Edge Hunting. No other site on the web that offers a more comprehensive take to the idea of using safes for your guns.

So what are you waiting for? Visit our site today and get to know the latest safes for your precious guns. Responsibility is what we have in mind when we showcase these safes for your guns. And if you’re that kind of a gun owner, Edge Hunting should be your destination, and the rest of those who follow suit.

That Much Needed Exercise Equipment at Garage Gym Pro

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  • Exercise equipment that suits your style for a better body in the process
  • Knowing more about these exercise equipment through garagegympro’s reviews

It is not easy to buy an exercise equipment. You may think that’s the easiest thing to do in life, but it isn’t. There are things still that you need to consider. But there’s no need to scratch your head, though, if you buy your exercise equipment at garagegympro.


Come to think of it, why is it so important to buy an exercise equipment at garagegympro? Let us take a quick glimpse, though, as to why garagegympro is the go-to site online if you’re thinking of owning, or in this case, buying, that exercise equipment.

  • Something that suits your style – This is, by far, one of the best reasons why buying an exercise equipment at garagegympro is a sensible choice. Garagegympro’s only goal is to see to it that you develop with their equipment according to your style. You have complete control over the equipment you use from garagegympro instead of the other way around.
  • More than just a tool – Reading reviews at garagegympro enriches your knowledge as well when it comes to gym equipment. These reviews are works of seasoned gym aficionados, and learning something before buying that exercise equipment at garagegympro is a habit worth noting.

These elements are just some of the reason why you need to buy an exercise equipment at garagegympro. Though rather a short sampling of showcasing the value of garagegympro, but these two entities, nevertheless, covers most of the advantages or benefits of buying an exercise equipment at garagegympro.

Visit Garage Gym Pro through this link,, and have this two point advantage right away, an exercise equipment that suits your style and a tool that is much closer to your heart.

Cheap Products with Cool Reviews at Monica’s

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  • Healthy protein powders for all (women, in particular)

Cheap doesn’t always mean cheap results. If you happen to buy a cheap product, you would normally think that it produces cheap material or cheap services. But that is not always the case. There are cheap protein powder at, but the results are far from being commonplace.


There’s a list of affordable protein powders at Monica’s Health Magazine. Not that these products are short-changing you, but that this site gives you easy access to the best protein powders online (

What’s in these reviews, anyway? What makes them so unique that a lot of people, women in particular, are digging this site as if there’s gold at the end of it. Two things: Comprehensive and Cost-Efficient.

You get to read comprehensive reviews from Monica’s. All the features that you need to know, all the tools are explored in great detail. So that by the time you purchase that product, you know exactly what you get, including its long term benefits. See more cheap protein powder at through these comprehensive reviews.

These reviews lead you to do some cost-efficient shopping of protein powders. It would be impossible to know certain price tags of these products if you haven’t read a review about it. So it goes without saying that you save a lot when you read their reviews compared to ignoring them in the first place.

Although these products come in cheap, their effect to you isn’t so cheap at all. These reviews make your shopping online or on cart more enjoyable. Thanks mainly to these reviews, they make it easier for you.

In Need of Some Gym Workout Shedule

  • Tips on how to have a workable gym schedule
  • Buying a power rack for your indoor workouts
  • Staying healthy by spending some time doing gym workouts

As soon as you start your workout, you need to be religious about your schedule. A gym workout schedule is not always easy to follow. There are times when you have to skip some sessions because you need to attend to this emergency meeting, and then you compensate on some other days. Many have tried to follow their workout schedules, but failed to do.

But you can avoid that kind of dilemma with these simple tips. Having a gym workout schedule is just a matter of doing things in a gradual manner until you arrive on some bigger things.

  • Start with the easiest – You need to have a gym workout schedule that you can really handle. And you can only do that if you start with the easy ones, meaning, those schedules that you are sure you can attend to, like on a weekend when there’s no work. And when you get the hang of it, plot your workday schedules.
  • Have a Plan B – If you see that you can’t fix a gym workout schedule during workdays, go to Plan B, and that Plan B is a power rack inside your house. Yes, buy a squat rack so you won’t miss a beat as far as your workout goes after spending some time in the gym during weekends. Mind you, there’s no shortage of power racks at
  • Follow it through – As soon as you can have your free time after work, make it a habit to have some gym work, whether in a gym if you have time or with your power rack. You won’t be able to have that figure if you only follow your gym workout schedule if you feel like it.

These are some of the tips for you to have that workable gym workout schedule and for you have that perfect figure in the process. Follow these simple tips and in no time, you will gain momentum unlike anything you have experienced before.

Much Ado About Restaurant Shoes

  • An online shoe shop that reviews kitchen shoes for restaurant owners
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  • Using the appropriate kitchen shoes for your restaurant

Starting a restaurant takes time. There’s a host of things that you need to consider, like construction, maintenance and even personnel, not to mention the details that go with keeping up on its expenses, like choosing the appropriate restaurant shoes for your employees.


That may be considered just a minor thing, but when your restaurant starts rolling, you’ll find that it is important, too, to take heed of these restaurant shoes for your employees, especially those working in the kitchen.

Now, reviews of restaurant shoes abound online. In particular with It is important, as a restaurant owner, that you need to take these reviews seriously because this allows you to make intelligent decisions as far as using the right kitchen shoes is concerned.

Reviews of restaurant shoes also give you an idea of what type of shoes to use in relation to what of kind of kitchen you have, because there are shoes that are not appropriate with the kitchen you are planning to construct. So to save time and resources, you need to read and consider the things discussed in these reviews.

So before you start constructing that kitchen for your restaurant, you have read some reviews of restaurant shoes already. It is better to be prepared than sorry, so to speak, to avoid some backlogs later on.

This is how knowledgeable restaurant owners do their business, they plan ahead like reading reviews of restaurant shoes even before they construct that restaurant kitchen. It pays to be prepared at all times. And what better way to prepare your kitchen than by reading reviews of restaurant shoes before the cooking can even begin.

The Xenith X2 Youth Custom Football Helmet


  • Football helmet introduction
  • Xenith X2 Youth Custom Football Helmet features
  • Where can I find good reviews about football helmets

In the sport of American Football, protection is a vital part in order to succeed. In this intense sport, it is of the utmost priority that the protective gear you are wearing is durable and effective. None holds truer than the football helmet. A football helmet is designed to protect any part of a player’s head from head injuries due to impact, be it with the ground or another player. This protective gear is also part of a football player’s uniform.


While we are discussing football helmets, one of the best football helmets available in the market today is the Xenith X2 Youth Custom Football Helmet. Receiving a 9.625 score in this website,, the X2 Youth Custom is the cream of the crop. This was designed for maximum protection from linear and rotational forces and has enhanced ventilation and micro-bacterial functions. The ventilation design for this football helmet is truly unique, which allows you to stay dry while playing. Not only is it super safe, but it is also very light which makes it a very comfortable helmet to wear. The shock absorber technology that Xenith used for this helmet is called X2Y which adapts and absorbs the amount of shock you get from a collision or impact. The shin strap also fits perfectly so that you will always feel comfortable wearing it while not compromising the hold it has on your head. It is truly one of the best football helmets out there today.

But if this football helmet won’t fit (remember that this is a youth helmet!), there are still other options you can choose from when it comes to football helmets. A website,, has listed most of the best performing football helmets available in the market today. Take a look at their reviews and you will have a clear idea of what football helmet you will be going for.

Running regulations you need to know


Everything in life involves dealing with so many regulations, even when running. Despite runners strictly adhering to the rules and regulations that come with this strenuous, yet enjoyable and fulfilling activity, everything will still zero in on doing your own thing.

  1. Do What Suits You

Running is supposed to be a sport or activity characterized by freedom. You see, there are no hard-knock rules in running. You may simply stride off when you run, overrunning all your co-runners; or simply take things slow setting your own space and pace; or better yet a combination of both by doing stops at certain point of the road. Bottom line is, a runner can do his own thing when running.

  1. Focus on Targeting A Place

Running can be so exhausting, yes. But if there is one thing to keep you running despite the exhaustion and thirst; or the muscle cramps and leg pains, it is the achievements that you might reap in running. Almost all fun runs or marathon races have crowded starting lines so you can just imagine the competition and that gives you an idea of how you will more or less fare in the event. The important thing is to aim for a place. That way, you will not only excel in this sport you chose, but you will develop a sense of being goal-driven as well.

  1. Distractions While Running

Sometimes, what runners do is chat to push them into finishing the run. Getting a good exercise is already enough for them, so they just chat their last few laps back into the finish line with their time ran extremely far from the ideal. This can sometimes be distracting to other runners.

Among other things that could distract a runner are somebody else’s dangling keys, very loud music from their I-pods and the beeps of a heart monitor device. If you do not want any of these noise, then just simply overrun them and lead the run.

  1. No Pets While Running

Pets are meant to be walked, they are not meant to be running companions especially when it is a race or a fun run event. It is in fact discouraged by event organizers to bring along your dogs to races, because chances are if they are not leashed properly, they would block the way of the other runners and might even give them a trip or two.

  1. Take Extra Cautions

Yes, there are several aid stations located on both sides of the road; however, it would be best to have an extra ounce of prevention to avoid possible accidents and injuries while running. It does not help that just because there are aid stations around, you are free to inflict injury on yourself as you run. Be careful at all times and check Runnerclick Trails shoes to know which foot wear is suitable.

  1. No Room for Whining

Sometimes there are runners who, in extreme exhaustion, will whine while running towards the finish line. Isn’t it just irritating to hear them? They whine about how this running is tearing his knees; or how after the event, he will shift to biking instead, and several other whines. Please, be a runner not a whiner.

  1. Just Run All The Way to the Finish Line

While too many, headphones and loud chatting are truly annoying, to others they are nothing. There are some people who do not even care if someone talks so loudly and then overruns her. Competition is not just their cup of tea. For them, running is about finishing off with what you began, and not necessarily the first one to finish. Whatever holds true to you, just slip away to the finish line as fast as you can!

Using Your iHerb Promo Code

• What is iHerb
• What can you purchase at iHerb
• Are there any discounts available

Have you ever heard of the name iHerb? If you are a health nut, you probably have. iHerb is an online store that sells nutritional supplements, beauty products and other health related products. It is undeniably the best online store if we are talking about supplements, cosmetics and other home related products. This is evidenced by the 20 years of operation of the website and the award it received as the best online store in 2013. This is probably the reason why people go nuts searching for any iHerb promo code available.


With its vast reach, iHerb can already ship to more than 180 countries worldwide. With a wide variety of products available at the iHerb store namely, supplements, herb extract, bath products, cosmetics, grocery items, protein bars and shakes, household cleaners, kitchenware and even gardening tools, iHerb truly is a one stop shop. One thing you can say about iHerb too is that they are dedicated to giving the consumer the best overall value for the products that they sell. Many also say that iHerb’s customer service is top notch and their shipping is pretty fast considering that they also ship internationally.

As an e-commerce website, it is not often that you see websites like iHerb last for as long as they do. That is a testament to the quality of the products they sell and the fine quality of service that they provide. So, if I were you, if you are looking for any good buy or deal, start looking for a good iherb promo code and browse their catalog now. You might just be in time for their latest deals on goods that are very useful to you.

Welcome to the Brigg Bomber – 12th July 2009

Please see the about page for new route details as we upload them. Also keep an eye on the Lincsquad forum for the very latest information.

The Brigg Bomber is a quadrathlon, which from its inception has been designed as an international event. It was conceived with the World Middle distance championships in mind, and also as an addition to North Lincs’ Adventure Challenge for those who like a swim. Along with our sister race The North Lincs Adventure Challenge it is one of the BQA’s national trophy rounds.

This race is not for the faint hearted if you wish to enter as a solo competitor. Some previous experience is necessary. You can as an alternative enter as a pair or as a four man relay team, but be warned the standards are pretty high!

Already recognised by the British Quadrathlon Association as a British Open Championship event. Sunday 27th May 2007 saw the President of the World Quadrathlon Federation – Allan Billard award The Brigg Bomber with World Cup status.

Entry Form

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2009 Entry Form

2009 Entry Form2009 Entry Form
Download PDF Sheet


Poster2009 Poster / Details
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Entry forms should be completed and sent to:-

Paul Carvill
6 Poppyfield Way
North Lincolnshire
DN20 8FG

£26 Solo Entry (£24 BQA) / £40 Team Entry

Cheques should be made payable to: Lincsquad

At this moment in time we do not offer on line entry, however we are looking into it and will add this feature as soon as we can for 2008.

Team Entry

Why not enter a team with each member completing one of the 3 disciplines.